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Q. Are these baby wipes eco-friendly?
A. Yes, Aqua Wipes® contain more than 99% Purified Water, Organic Aloe Vera and are 100% Biodegradable.

Q. How much water do Aqua Wipes® actually contain?
A. Aqua Wipes® have been carefully developed by our UK R&D team, to be as natural as possible and they contain more than 99% purified Water. Carefully developed, Purified water wipes suitable for all babies!

Q. Can Aqua Wipes® be used on newborn babies?
A. Yes, Aqua Wipes® have been carefully developed to be suitable for children of all ages, including newborn babies.

Q. Have Aqua Wipes® been tested for skin compatibility?
A. Yes, Aqua Wipes® have been dermatologically tested under clinical control.

Q. How many wipes are in a travel pack & standard pack and how many packs of each are in a carton?
A. There are 12 baby wipes in a travel pack and 12 packs of Aqua Wipes® are inside a carton and 64 baby wipes inside a standard pack of Aqua Wipes® and 12 packs of 64 Aqua Wipes® are inside a carton.

Q. Can I buy Aqua Wipes® online?
Yes, please use the Buy Now button at the bottom to visit our online shop.

Q. If I want to buy the Aqua Wipes® from your site, are you able to ship internationally?
A. Yes we can ship internationally. Please contact us with details about your requirements, using our contact form, and we will send you a price including delivery.

Q. Are you looking for Aqua Wipes® distributors or agents?
A. Yes. We are actively seeking distributors and agents to distribute the product in various global markets and so please contact us using the contact form and we can discuss in detail.

Q. Are Aqua Wipes® suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
A. Yes. We are registered with the Vegan Society.

Q. What requirements did Aqua Wipes® need to meet to be registered with the Vegan Society?
A. The manufacture and/or development of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative. Must exclude all testing of any sort on animals.

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