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Aqua Wipes... The kindest baby wipes from Nature

Natural and biodegradable baby wipes.....Aqua Wipes®.

We have applied our extensive expertise in skincare development, working tirelessly to formulate a unique new baby wipe that is both eco-friendly and pure, ensuring both the environment, and your precious baby, are given the ultimate level of care that they deserve.

Key criteria for us in developing Aqua Wipes® were that they were to be suitable for newborn babies. Their skin is very delicate and it is usually recommended that their skin is cleansed with pure water and cotton wool only. As they are essentially a purified water wipe, Aqua Wipes® are an effective alternative to cotton wool and water.

Approved by the NHS, Aqua Wipes® contain more than 99% Purified Water, Organic Aloe Vera and use a soft, biodegradable fabric to ensure that both your baby and our planet are given the ultimate level of care.

Aqua wipes® travel packs contain 12 biodegradable wipes in a handy resealable pack.

Aqua Wipes® 12 wipe travel packs are sold in a retail printed box containing 12 of the 12 wipe packs. The 12 x 12 travel value boxes are supplied in a carton containing 6 boxes (72 packs).

Product Specifications:

Product Code



Quantity per item

12 wipes

12 x 12 packs

Wipe Dimensions

20cm x 16cm

20cm x 16cm

Carton Quantity

12 packs per box

6 boxes per carton

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Biodegradable, Natural, Organic Baby Wipes

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