Aqua Wipes New Product Line-Up

Aqua Wipes are proudly plastic free, biodegradable and compostable. A British based business, our head office is in Harrogate and we are part of the Clinicept Healthcare family which has been providing wipes at bedsides and in clinics in the NHS for over 10 years.

Steered by Dr Mark Little, Aqua Wipes contain 99.3% purified water and naturally derived preservatives. The wipes are created from plant-based fibres and using a mild coconut-derived cleansing agent, are also fully Vegan.

Approved by the NHS and used in baby units within NHS hospitals, Aqua Wipes are proudly wetter than other wipes to deliver a more efficient cleanse on especially tricky and sticky spills while still being super kind to sensitive skin.

The brand has come a long way since it was launched in 2016 and it now introduces two more ranges to its collection; essentials, and premium.


An economy range of eco-friendly Aqua Wipes which will enable more people to make an ethical purchase. Still plastic free, biodegradable and compostable, these Essentials wipes come at everyday prices in a single pack of 56 wipes, a bundle pack of 4 x 56 wipes and a boxed carton of 12 x 56 wipes.

Coming later in the year are antibacterial surface wipes within the Essentials range. Fully plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable these are ideal for nurseries, bathrooms and kitchen worktops, effectively killing germs while protecting the environment.


The original Aqua Wipes range and mid-price point in the portfolio, the originals include organic aloe vera for delicate newborn skin, are trusted by the NHS and come in a single pack of 64 wipes, a bundle pack of 4 x 64 wipes, a boxed carton of 12 x 64 wipes and a small single travel pack of 12 wipes.

The Originals range also includes Gentle Eyelid Wipes that are ophthalmologically tested to cleanse baby’s eyelids and lashes, helping to reduce hayfever by removing pollen and other irritating matter. Aqua Wipes Eyelid Wipes come in boxes of 20 individually wrapped sterile wipes.


The added value at the top of the range is an Aqua Wipe that includes barrier protection technology to cleanse and soothe and protect from nappy rash. The first of its kind in the UK market, these wipes use barrier technology adapted from the market leading Clinicept Patient Continence Wipes, supplied to and trusted by the NHS for over 10 years.  These dermatologically tested wipes will protect skin from birth and beyond with their unique formula which protects using 3% Dimethicone, moisturises using a triple natural complex of Aloe Vera, soothes with chamomile and calms with witch hazel.  These 3-in1 wipes come in a Single pack of 48 wipes and a boxed carton of 12 x 48 packs.

All Aqua Wipes are formulated for care and the new products come in recyclable packaging. They are dermatologically tested, and hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and proudly the right size for the job, thick, soft, and not too wet, but just wet enough to keep super skin kind.

New Essentials Aqua Wipes baby wipes in white packaging

New Aqua Wipes Essentials baby wipes in white packaging

New Aqua Wipes Originals baby wipes in cream packaging

New Aqua Wipes Originals baby wipes in cream packaging

New Aqua Wipes Premium baby wipes in blue packaging

New Aqua Wipes Premium baby wipes in blue packaging