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Aqua Wipes® - Our Story

Our daughter was very young when she began having problems with eczema. This started slowly, with small localised patches and soon became much worse with eczema spreading all over her body. The eczema became so bad, that after multiple appointments with consultants and dermatologists she had to sleep each night in an impregnated bandage body suit to try and ease the itching, pain and discomfort. This was awful for her and so hard for us to watch her suffering and in so much discomfort at such a young age. We had always been careful to ensure her skin had only come into contact with the absolute minimum of chemicals, bathing her only in water, as we knew how delicate young childrens’ skin can be.

Looking back, we wondered how we could have done it differently, how could we have prevented this or even how we could have reduced the problem and eased her suffering. We checked the packaging of a few varieties of baby wipes which we had used, as we realised the wipes were one of the only products that came into contact with her skin. We saw they contained many chemicals (often more than 15) and noted most of the wipes were also highly perfumed which we were convinced was not good for such delicate skin. Also, the majority of the baby wipes were not environmentally friendly and so we thought about the environmental impacts of their widespread use upon our precious planet. This is when we thought that we could make a difference.

We started working on developing a baby wipe that was to be both natural and eco-friendly. Kind to skin and caring to the environment. Something which was suitable for newborns. A baby wipe that was different and which could make a difference!

After a long time in development, we achieved our goal, producing a revolutionary natural pure water wipe which is completely biodegradable and contains 99.6% Purified Water.

We have recently developed a Gentle Eyelid Wipe, perfect for removing crusted matter and secretions from your baby’s eyes.  The first of its kind, the wipe is 100% biodegradable and plastic free – it will degrade in just 15 days.  Ophthalmologically tested, rinse free and sterile, these wipes contain soothing Camomile, are individually packaged and suitable for sensitive skin.

We have always been committed to ensuring that Aqua Wipes® products are as kind as possible and the whole range are registered with the Vegan Society. 

Aqua Wipes®… The kindest baby wipes from Nature!


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Baby Aqua Wipes pack and toy duck
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