Protecting our world

You care about the planet and the future.
You want the convenience and care that a wipe gives your baby, with the lowest possible impact on the environment.
But how?


The big challenge

The usage in the UK alone gets into the tens of billions.

A pile of discarded wipes, many with high levels of plastic, mostly end up in landfill – or worse still, flushed into our overloaded sewer systems, blocking pipelines and finding their way into rivers!

Natural, 100% plastic free wipes, biodegradable and compostable!


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The natural answer to keep baby clean and protect the planet


It all adds up!

A baby needs as many as 15000 baby wipes in a single year.

With over 650,000 babies born each year, the numbers are staggering!


Our simple solution

Aqua Wipes were born out of a passion to protect. They are the easier, kinder, way to clean your baby, while leaving the planet in better shape.

Our wipes have no plastic, and no harmful chemicals. They are 100% biodegradable in 15 days and compostable so they break down quickly and effectively, leaving no trace.