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I'm so so glad I purchased these wipes. I was looking for something to take with us on our family getaway, and we needed to pack light, which is near impossible with a baby and toddler. I just loved how versatile and light these wipes were, and there's so many in one pack. It meant I didn't have to carry wet wipes and tissues as these wipes can do both, from wiping noses to drying hands, cleaning faces, baby's bum and because they're stronger than tissues I didn't have to deal with tissue mess when you wet them or when toddlers like to shred them up into little bits. I was able to squish them into the bottom of my bag and not worry about liquid seeping out either. It just made life that little bit easier and I will definitely be buying some more for use at home too!
These are great, good size wipes that can be used wet or dry. Perfect for campers, caravanners or festival goers too. They are also great at home whether or not you have kids or grandkids around. Now I've discovered these I think I prefer them to wet wipes if there is a water source around as you can use one wet and one to dry. They are lovely and soft and a good size to get the job done effectively. If you have an infant at home these are a must buy I think. These will be in my bag when I take the grandkids on daytrips to the seaside this Summer, and they will be invaluable! Really happy to have tried these and will be buying more in future.
These are perfect for single-use face towels if you have sensitive skin and suffer from acne. These are sized like face towels, so I cut them into quarters, so I don’t waste them. They are pleasant to use and make me less worried about infections. If you ¼ them like I do the price drops a lot and is comparable to using cotton pads.


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